Sex — or talking about sex — is generally regarded as taboo in Nigerian society. But it’s important that we talk about sex. From how we discover our sexualities to how we satisfy our sexual curiosities. We learn so much when we talk about these things openly and honestly.

To help these conversations happen, we’ve been anonymously telling the stories of Nigerians and how they navigate sex through our Sex Life flagship.

So as we say goodby to the year 2021 and it is only right that we take a look back at the 10 Sex Life stories you loved the most.

10. What if sex came with a report card?

In this edition, we spoke to a 29-year-old woman who spoke to us about how she grades her male sexual partners. You should really read this story — if for nothing else, just so you can see the grading system. One partner scored an E8 (this is bad) in Basic Human Decency. Yikes.

9. To Nut or Not To Nut?

Doesn’t matter to the subject of this edition.

After a series of horrible sexual experiences, this 20-year-old woman finally starts to have pleasant sexual experiences. She even describes foreplay with one of her partners as “stupendously excellent”.

Having an orgasm is great but for this subject, it’s all about the journey. So maybe you get there, maybe you don’t but make sure it’s a fun ride.

8. “Ruthless sex. The kind devoid of emotion”

Those were the words this edition’s subject described the sex she enjoys. The 21-year-old woman tells us of her sex life and all the ways BDSM made it better. From blindfolding to gagging, she finds out how all of these ‘ruthless’ and very importantly, consensual methods thrill her.

“But how?” You may ask. The story reveals plenty.

7. Yes you hear them. But are you listening?

The subject of this edition was not. Not for a while.

The 33-year-old heterosexual man tells us about his journey to having good sex. He tells us about his first sex party and the one time he had sex with a man, just to see if it was something he’d be into.

He says his sex life with his 8 partners has been great because he’s learnt to listen to the women in his life to make sure they’re getting the most pleasure.

6. Playing catch-up with sex

This edition’s subject is a 36-year-old man who has slept with almost 200 women. Why? Well, he had what he considered a late sexual awakening and so as a young man he felt the need to catch up. To have all of the sex.

From his perspective that came with a lot of stress. The sheer energy it must demand to be with multiple people.

But how did he get here? Read and find out.

5. When you’re both fine with “ruining” the friendship with sex

Can we all agree there’d be less pressure if friends who found each other attractive just had sex with each other? No? Okay.

This 25-year-old woman gets it though. It makes sense to have sex with someone you already consider to be a safe place. She also tells us about discovering her attraction to women and can you guess who was involved? Rihanna, of course.

4. Practice makes perfect

You may think you’re not killing it at sex now but what you may need is a number of people to safely explore things with. That’s what happened with this edition’s subject.

The 25-year-old woman is currently having great sex after taking the time to sharpen her skills with 4 different men on her roster.

3. How do you tell this story?

This story was met with a lot of shock and people were rightly appalled by some of the things they read. We had to include an editor’s note and several trigger warnings because we wanted to protect any members of our audience who may be triggered by stories of sexual abuse and assault.

But the story is up because it is a real sex life story of a 19-year-old Nigerian whose experiences are as valid as the next person’s. There is a lot that can be done about the way sex is taught to our children. Beyond informing them so they are aware, it is also important so that they know they have a voice to speak up when they feel things go wrong.

2. You did what? Where?

This story starts at Redeem camp. And that’s really all I need to say for you to understand what you’re getting into.

The 26-year-old subject of this story tells us about the many places he’s had sex.

1. She eats danger for breakfast

This was the most read Sex Life story this year and I must tell you, it deserves this spot. The 20-year-old woman in this story is not kidding when she says she likes danger.

From the first time she got slapped in the middle of sex to an actual kink for sleeping with encumbered individuals, this story thrills and thrills.



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