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Fuad November 13th

We Finally Ran Into Two Road Mongers

It starts with a tweet. Aina has been travelling with Azeem and Seyi – Seyi went back to Nigeria because The Gambia refused to let him in. Some of the border drama is on Toke’s journal about entering the Gambia. Captain is beasting Black to Dakar when I get a text. “You just passed me.” […]
Fuad November 12th

A Day Out In The Gambia

James Island has another name; Kunta Kinteh Islands. It’s a historic place (in)famous for its point-of-no-return status, when the British came to this place to take free people back to their country in chains. Denton Bridge is iconic for being the only bridge connecting Banjul to the rest of Gambia. It’s also where you get […]
Fuad November 9th

Why Do White People Love The Gambia So Much?

If you throw a stone in many places in the Gambia, it’ll land on a white person. Don’t throw stones at anyone though. The Gambia is a pretty small country, everywhere is reachable in less than 6 hours. So when our hotel booking said Banjul when it was, in fact, Sene-gambia, we weren’t too pissed. […]
Fuad November 7th

A Thing Or Two About Alloco

Ask a Nigerian the components of a good rice meal, and they’ll tell you that whether or not it’s Jollof, it deserves some dodo. We treat fried plantain like an accessory — a clutch to finish off the outfit, a watch to match the sharp shirt. Enough for toppings, not enough to be full cream. […]
Toketemu November 6th

Here’s What We Did With Our First Full Day In Bissau

With a population of 1.8 million people, Guinea-Bissau is the smallest country we’ve been to yet. And it’s Capital – Bissau, the tiniest city I’ve ever seen. After discovering that number, I kept coming back to it all through yesterday. The last official report put Nigeria’s population at about 195 million. Even though our country […]
Fuad November 5th

You Know What Bissau Reminds Me Of? Portugal

It’s worth mentioning that I’ve never been to Portugal, nor Europe for that matter. But I’ve read books, watched movies, and spent a considerable amount of time reading about the Schengen Visa. So, why Portugal? For starters, a lot of the buildings look like something you’d see while travelling across Europe, except this time, there’s […]

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