Ghana is known for its warm people. Don’t believe me? Ask the Jollof Road gang! Are you visiting Ghana soon? You probably are. Literally everyone is visiting Ghana in December. Here’s a list of recommended places to visit while you’re there:  1. Black star square The black star square is a public square located in […]

Your first real test at life started the moment your parents thought they needed more people to join the family. In that moment, they set off a slippery slope leading to a host of events that would change your life forever. If you didn’t experience any of this while growing up as the first child, […]

Renting an apartment in Lagos is harder than finding a pin in the groundnut pyramid. No matter how prepared you are for the drama, there will always be something that blindsides you, even if you are an old hand at it. Since we are good people that always got your back, we curated nine things […]

Living alone is a dream that a lot of young Nigerians have immediately they realise it’s even an option. Growing up with Nigerian parents is enough to have you aggressively counting down the days until you no longer have to answer to anyone but yourself. While there are a lot of great things about living […]

After spending most of our lives being policed by our comically strict parents, it tends to take young Nigerians a while for the reality of how grown we’ve become to sink in. So, in a bid to help, here are 10 defining moments that should make any Nigerian finally feel like an adult.  1. The […]

You’d think that, by now, you would have accepted that five days out of the seven in a week are not yours. Like at what point does this adulting thing become a normal routine? You would be having the best time of your life (by your standards) until Sunday creeps in to remind you that […]

Owambe is the real deal in Nigeria — the ultimate Nigerian experience. Every other Saturday, the average Nigerian looks forward to attending a party. People tend to go to parties for three major reasons: to slay, to feel among or to eat. Amongst the people who go there to eat, there are levels and this […]

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