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For a lot of people, sex is still a word that carries a lot of baggage. And even though it is something they do, they find it awkward to talk about. That’s why we came up with a list of words people have use instead of sex. They are odd, crude, funny, and creative. It […]

You think having a fair skin can save you from Nigerians? Nah, try again. If they don’t think you’re a flirt, they want to know the colour of your wiwi. Nigerians will never let you be. That’s our lesson for today. 1. “Fair guys are the slay queens.” Because they’re fair? That’s unfair, sha. All […]

For everyone who went to secondary school in Nigeria, there are common annoying and borderline traumatic experiences that link us all together. So, we gathered 13 of them to see if they’d trigger some equally funny and unpleasant memories. 1. Losing these weeks to exams: Your enemies have won. 2. When two seniors are giving […]

For too long, Zikoko has looked on while the true heroes of Nigerian lifestyle have failed to receive the recognition they truly deserve. Well not anymore. From food staples that make sure our last ₦50 goes the extra mile. To electronic sets that make sure sleeping in darkness isn’t an only option; we present, our […]

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