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There are a lot of things that make Nigerian parents angry, but there are some very specific things that irritate them beyond reason and logic. From seeing their child relaxing to their beef with facial hair, here are 13 things that make every Nigerian parent’s skin crawl. 1. When they see you sleeping after they’ve […]

Hello fellow quarantings, how are you doing today? A little socially distant? Isolated from the things you love? We get it. Nobody knows better than us how you’re taking the lockdown. In fact, we know you so well, we have decided to stage an e-intervention to save you from all the stanky things you’ve been […]

One more 5G network conspiracy theory and I will be sick. Do you know what kills faster than fear? Wrong information. There is a fraudulent message being passed around on Whatsapp that 5G network causes Coronavirus and that’s just tragic. The message is spreading faster than it takes for souvenirs to finish at a Yoruba […]

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