Zikoko hears the commotion on the other side of the hotel room door before it opens and NEPA enters.

Zikoko: Are you not hot?

Nepa: Is that how they greet your elders where you’re from?

Nepa takes the seat opposite Zikoko.

Zikoko: You’re wearing agbada and fila in this heat? The greeting can wait, Sir.

Nepa: Small heat that is outside? 

Zikoko: The heat is inside, too.

Nepa: Where? My friend, blast the AC and let us hear word.

Zikoko: With which light?

Nepa: Ehn, if there’s no light you can on your gen nau. Abi, are you a JJC?

Nepa opens a bottle of champagne and pours himself a glass which he offers to Zikoko.

Nepa: You want?

Zikoko: I want us to talk about the light issue.

Nepa: There’s no issue. We’re just on a small break.

Zikoko: Ehn?

Nepa: Don’t they go on breaks in your office?

We have gone off. If you people don’t like it, go and hug a transformer.


Nepa: Relax! There’s no light. Nothing will happen to you. The whole system is doing one kind because of the contract staff we hired. Give us some time, and we’ll be back.

Zikoko: Like how long?


Ehn, some time. It’s not like I don’t want to work o. It’s just that I’m a very busy man.

Zikoko: Even right now that you’re on a break?

Nepa: Of course.

He takes a sip of his champagne.

Nepa: I’m into import and export, supply and demand.

Zikoko: Then, supply us with electricity nau

Nepa: Come, don’t make me angry. I said we have gone on a break. When you people were going on your December break, shebi, they allowed you.

Zikoko: So you decided to go on your break in February when they’ve dragged us to sit at Satan’s right hand in hell?

Nepa: God forbid. You and who are sitting with Satan? Look, I am Nepa, I can do whatever I want. Plus, the national grid needs to rest. Shebi you people kept complaining that it was breaking down. I’ve given him a break. You’re welcome.

Zikoko: But the heat and lack of electricity is almost as bad as that Indomie and bread combo.

Zikoko pauses and looks around.

Zikoko: How does this place even have light? Is it gen?

Nepa: Generator? In my building? No o. Steady power supply.

Zikoko: If you’re giving this place electricity, then share some with the rest of the country. Do you like how they’re insulting you?

Nepa: Insulting who? They’re not insulting me o. They’re insulting “the Neps”. 


Sir, why did you ask me to come here?

Nepa: That’s the question you should’ve started with. You’d have saved us all this back and forth.

They hear a knock at the door. 

Nepa: Ehen, he’s here. Come in.

The door opens and a man walks in with a big carton in his hand.

Zikoko: Did it get hotter in here?

Zikoko fans themselves.  furiously. Nepa looks up at the man.

Nepa: You’re always doing too much. Zikoko meet Heat.


Zikoko: Ehn? What does that even… Why is he even…

Nepa: Shebi you people are looking for who to insult? Insult him.

Nepa gets up and brings the content of the box out one by one.

Nepa: Me, I’m just selling my generator batteries.


Nepa: Any type you want, I have it.

Zikoko: This… this is what you brought me here for? This is what you left your job for?

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