Honestly, height shaming should be a thing. Because of a slight advancement in height, a lot of people want to say something to short people about their height. And to be honest, short people don’t want to hear it anymore. 1. “Hi malt bottle.” You referred to your fellow human as a bottle and you […]

Yes, we get it: your friend is celebrating a birthday and you have to send your greetings. But please and please, mind the kind of greetings you send, because what on earth is “Happy abortion escape day”? Y’all need to do better, seriously. 1. “Happy natal day.” If you say ordinary happy birthday, will you […]

To be a pastor’s child in Nigeria must be very scary. First, there is the burden of your family on you, and then the society’s burden is added. Nigerians say a lot about pastors children, and we would like to know, how true are these things? 1. “Pastors children are the most wayward.” “The girls […]

Beans is a very versatile Nigerian meal. Too bad a lot of you people don’t realise it. If you like beans as much as we do, then this list of how to spice up your beans is just for you. 1. Cook it with spaghetti. Image from Cookpad. In case you’re not sure how your […]

You know that our prophecies never fail. All through Valentine’s Day, our prophets were on the mountain, praying for divine revelation. Now they have brought it back. Are you ready for this tea? 1. A lot of true identities will be discovered. “Dear Gloria. I never knew you were a harlot, but thankful to know […]

Do you want a fashion trend to blow up? Bring it to Nigeria. Do you want a fashion trend to suffer? Bring it to Nigeria. Here’s a list of fashion items Nigerians have worn to death. 1. Lemon green Balenciaga and the accompanying shorts. The whole of Balenciaga has suffered in the hands of Nigerians, […]

Right now in Nigeria, someone somewhere is busy thinking of new ways to confuse others. That’s why they keep coming up with new names for things that we know so well. It would be nice if these names were correct, but half the time, they’re just okoto yarns. 1. That time they said it’s Brisket […]

Valentine gift

Now that Valentine’s day is here, a lot of people are displaying what they have in store. We have seen them with our omniscient eyes, and we are here to give you a full list. If you identify yourself in this list, say hi. 1. Those who receive gifts like no man’s business. If you’re […]

Valentine’s Day is tomorrow, and this piece of news can mean many things for different people. That’s why we came up with this list of the different types of people before Valentine’s Day. Now read and tell us which one of them you are. We are number… never mind. 1. Those who wax their body […]

Are you a Unilorin student with no idea of what to do this Valentine’s day? Don’t panic. That’s why we are here for you. We have brought you correct prophecies, wonderful love tips, even food hacks. What’s a Valentine’s Day idea that we can’t provide? Settle down and hear what we have to offer. 1. […]

Getting inked is a cool thing, we agree. But getting a tattoo in this Nigeria can be a scary endeavour. Especially if it’s a permanent tattoo. Yes, the common warning is that you should avoid Ikeja Under Bridge tattooists, but that’s not all. This list will tell you more. 1. Never ever tattoo a celebrity […]

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