Interview With… is a Zikoko weekly series that explores the weird and interesting lives of inanimate objects and non-human entities.

Everyone who reads Interview With… always have one question: “Are you on crack?” To be honest, when I look back at all the interviews we have done, I have every reason to believe we might have snorted some baby powder as crack. But before you call us out, our numbers tell us you love the crack too. 🌚

By our records, here are ten of the most-read inanimate object interviews.

1. Interview With Pepper: “Beg Yoruba People to Free Me”

How does it feel to be claimed by an ethnic group when you were created to belong to nobody and everybody? In this week’s Interview With, Pepper sits with us to discuss its experience in the hands of Yoruba people.

2. Interview With Nigeria’s Coat of Arms

The country is going through so much these days. In the midst of it all, we are overlooking some important characters: the Eagle and the two Horses on Nigeria’s Coat of Arms.

Today on Interview With, we brought them in to ask how they are coping. Their answers will blow your mind.

3. Interview With Red Wine: “Why are Nigerian Women Lying against Me?”

For years, Red Wine has been the subject of many accusations by Nigerian women.

Today on Interview With, Red Wine sits with us to discuss how it feels about these accusations and tries to clear its name.

4. Interview With Truth Or Dare: “Why are Nigerian Men so Horny?”

Truth or Dare is a very popular game in the Nigerian party scene. From birthday bashes to house parties, Truth or Dare always makes an appearance, especially when horny Nigerian men are involved.

So, we decided to speak to Truth or Dare to find out how it feels about inadvertently becoming the go-to game for turning a simple party into a den of iniquity.

5. Interview With Lagos & Traffic: “What God has Joined Together…”

Inspired by Love Life

, I decided to ditch a solo interview this week and speak with a very powerful couple whose impact has been deeply felt by millions of people.

As you will learn from this interview, they are bound together. You cannot mention one without mentioning the other. Honestly, they need no further introduction. Meet Lagos and his wife, Traffic.

Interview With Lagos & Traffic: "What God Has Joined Together..." | Zikoko!

6. Interview With Cocaine: “Why are Abuja People Ashamed of Me?”

A lot of people accuse Zikoko writers of taking cocaine and crack, so I decided to reach out to Cocaine, to see if it would be interested in giving a statement that would clear us of such accusations.

But during the course of our interview, Cocaine dropped a major bombshell about its relationship with Abuja people, and I knew I had to sit up and pay attention.

7. Interview With Breasts & Bum Bum

There is an argument as old as time: Breasts or Bum Bum? Or, in other words, are you a Breast person or a Bum Bum person? There’s probably going to be no end to this argument, but we can only do our own part, and that’s why we decided to call in Breasts and Bum Bum to our office for an interview.

Today on Interview With, Breasts and Bum Bum come together to discuss which one of them is greater, and why.

8. Interview With Spoon, Fork & Knife: “Why We Usually Disappear”

Have you ever needed cutlery but couldn’t find them? If you pay enough attention, this is when you realise something is not right. Spoons reducing in number, Forks vanishing, and Knives, well, doing their thing.

Today on Interview With, we sat with the trio and asked them to tell us the truth.

9. Interview With Small Chops: “Puff-Puff is not a Part of Us”

A small trouble is brewing in the Small Chops Association: the other members no longer want Puff-puff to be a part of them. This is difficult, considering the large quantity of Puff-puff you find in a Small Chops package. 

Today on Interview With, we spoke to the members of the Small Chops Association, including Puff-puff, to hear their take on this delicate matter.

10. Interview With Crayfish: “Igbo People Need to Release Me”

The Crayfish is an important celebrity that has been appearing in a number of soups, stews and other Igbo meals for a long, long time. But what is the cost of this level of fame?

In this week’s Interview With, the superstar talks to us about its life, hard work and secret struggles.

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