Love Life is a Zikoko weekly series about love, relationships, situationships, entanglements and everything in between.

Valentine after Valentine, you find yourself struggling to get the person in your life to stick around. Do those who get back-to-back money towers have two heads? They don’t (We’ve checked). So your story can change.

Here are some ways to get someone to spend several Valentine’s Days with you, tried and trusted by our Love Life couples. 

Love Life: I Went to Her House Every Day for a Year 

As long as whoever you want to see is comfortable with it, then you should definitely go to their house every day for one year. It’s just that, the people who did this didn’t have phones, but now, we do. Still, a gesture is a gesture.

Love Life: I Moved to Be Closer to Her 

Drop whatever you’re doing and move to your lover’s street. That way, you get to spend every waking hour together and can be doing Valentine left and right. Be warned that this couple had already been dating for two years before they pulled this stunt. 

Love Life: We Finally Met Up Because of Christmas Chicken 

Step 1: Buy Christmas chicken. Step 2: Post that you want to sell it, on your WhatsApp status. Step 3: Meet up with the person who offers to buy the chicken. Step 4: Fall in love and live happily ever after. It’s almost too easy.  

Love Life: We Became Lovers by Accident

Easiest way to get a forever Valentine is by accident. Send a bunch of messages to the person who’s entering your eye, but make sure one of those messages is a dating proposal.  Pray they mistakenly say yes. 

Love Life: He Cooks, I Eat. We’re a Complete Package 

If you can’t cook, find someone who can. If you can cook, find someone who loves to eat. You too deserve a missing rib. 

Love Life: “We Are Married but He Needs to Propose” 

In most marriage stories, there’s a proposal. But not for Ada and Kingsley. They had sex one day and Kingsley decided he would meet her parents. At the meeting, the parents started dropping dates for introductions. A couple of months later and they’re married. Straight to the point with no time to waste. That’s how you get a forever Valentine. 

Love Life: “We Found Love in a Hopeless Place” 

What we learnt from this Love Life story is more people should sit inside empty, dry gutters. The love of your life might just be tempted to join you inside. 

Love Life: We Started Our Relationship With a Lot of Lies 

When starting your relationship, lie to everyone, especially your parents. Never lie to the person you’re with though. Or that’s where the problem will start. 

Love Life: We Were Best Friends in Secondary School But Now We’re Both Married 

If you had a best friend when you were in secondary school, we advise you start looking for them now. If you didn’t have a best friend, you may have to go back in time to get one. That way, you’ll have someone you can do friends-to-lovers with. 

Love Life: We’re Roommates Who Fell in Love

Your decision to live alone could be what’s standing between you and getting a forever Valentine. Your destiny might be to fall in love with your roommate, but you wouldn’t know for sure because you’ve decided to live alone. Move in with someone today.

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