This is an accurate judgement system, because nothing tells you more about a person than their favourite alcohol.

1) Wine

You’re a social drinker. You never really drink for the sake of being drunk, but because you want your muscles to relax and you need the confidence to send that risky text.

May all your shots hit their target.

2) Tequila

You like to have fun, but you wouldn’t put your body through hell to get there. You’re a good time and everyone likes hanging out with you. You also probably have a lot of friends, and you don’t need alcohol to do silly things.

3) Vodka

This is the Gemini of alcohol, so anyone that likes it probably doesn’t like themself. If Vodka is your favourite type of alcohol, you need therapy and your liver needs to be checked. You’re chaotic, dangerous and will probably get arrested for public indecency once in your life.

Vodka drinkers every time they wake up

4) Beer

If beer is your favourite alcohol, you’re probably an Igbo woman or a south-south woman. Either that or a Yoruba man named Femi. Beer drinkers don’t like stress and probably also eat fufu. They’re there for a good time.

5) Gin

How it feels every time you come across a gin drinker

Going to start this by saying that if you drink gin willingly, you should talk to someone. You’re probably going through a lot physically, mentally and spiritually. Honestly, your friends should have staged an intervention for you already. Especially since you’ve probably been offering your demon juice to them too. You’re also either an NURTW member, Chelsea fan or a law student. Sometimes, you’re all three. It’s a drink for the streets.

6) Whiskey

Nobody likes you. You also think you’re better than everyone because you drink “rich”, expensive liquor. If your favourite alcohol is whiskey, your friends are probably gossiping about you right now. You’re also probably a forex trader.

7) Rum

You’re the kind of person that’s easily forgotten, but once you’re remembered, you’re a wild ride. You know your worth, so you don’t chase, you attract.

8) Brandy

You’re what whiskey drinkers think they are. Sophisticated, rich and intellectual. If your favourite alcohol is Brandy, then you’re doing a lot of things about life right.

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