Do you love alcohol? I mean, if you clicked on this post, you most likely do. So, we’ve compiled 9 of our most alcohol-focused quizzes for your specific pleasure.

1. If You’ve Drank 16/28 Of These Drinks, You’re An Alcoholic

Are you an alcoholic? Take this quiz.

2. Only Alcoholics Will Get More Than 7/12 On This Quiz 

Do you have an alcohol problem? Take this quiz.

3. Can We Guess Your Favourite Alcoholic Drink?

Vodka, wine or beer? Take this quiz.

4. Only Alcoholics Can Identify 7/11 Of The More Expensive Drinks

Do you have expensive taste? Take this quiz.

5. Can We Guess Your Age Based On Your Taste In Alcohol?

How old are you? Take this quiz.

6. How High Is Your Alcohol Tolerance?

Are you a lightweight? Take this quiz.

7. How Much Of An Alcoholic Are You?

Are you always drinking? Take this quiz.

8. Can You Correctly Identify These Nigerian Beer Brands?

Let’s see if you have a beer belly. Take this quiz.

9. What Kind of Drink Are You?

Are you an alcoholic drink or not? Take this quiz.


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