Friendships are harder to form as adults but easier to maintain, especially if you befriend people who understand that you’re both busy and have lives outside of each other but can make time when necessary. Here are seven ways to make friends as adults.

1. Stand on the road and beg people

You can have a megaphone with you so people know you are serious. Maybe two or three people would come up to you. You never really know. Sure, it’ll be to check if you’re mad or not but at least they’ll talk to you. And that’s the beginning of every friendship! 

2. Create a Google form

Post it on any of your social media accounts with the most followers. Title it, “The Friendship Document.” Reply to as many people that fill it out. The number one question should be “How do you feel about plantain?” You can tell a lot about a person from that. 

3. Meet your friend’s friends

Your friends have friends that have friends. Ask to meet them. Could this end in tears? Yes.  But life is pain anyway so don’t be afraid of a little disappointment and rejection.

4. Shoot your friendship shots

It’s so much harder to make friends as adults because everyone is horny as hell and low-key wants to sleep with each other. But if you can keep shooting your shot at that romantic love interest that airs you every day, I promise you can shoot your friendship shot.

5. Join clubs

Book clubs, gardening clubs, wine drinking clubs, hiking clubs. Try to find your tribe. It just makes the work easier.

6. Organise a 90’s themed party

Every day, there’s that one person who tweets about organising a party with bouncing castles, jollof rice, and everything that used to make kids’ parties fun. The number of likes and retweets on these tweets have shown that this is a good plan if you want to make new friends.

7. Upgrade some of your casual relationships

That person you always see at the gym, your coworker that is basically your work bestie, and so on. Message them and ask to hang out in an environment different from where you usually meet. You might be surprised at how much you like them. I say “might” because you might end up hating their fucking guts. The excitement of not knowing what the outcome of a hangout will be is half the fun sha so go for it.


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