If you have ever wanted to date a Nigerian woman that is very into Astrology, or you are dating one and do not want problems in your relationship, then this is the guide for you.

1) Set alarm for 11:11

This is so you can both manifest things together. A couple that manifests together, stays together.

2) Save and know your birth chart

You need to have calculated your entire birth chart and have it saved on your phone. If not, what do you do when she asks for your birth chart so she can do a more comprehensive reading? Nothing? That just makes you foolish.

3) Always know when Mercury enters retrograde

If you cannot tell when Mercury is in retrograde, what are you useful for? It is also beneficial to you because there are certain things you do not say to her once Mercury enters retrograde.

Her when you breathe too close during the retrograde

4) Own evil eye jewellery

How else will you protect your relationship from the evil women waiting to snatch you from her?

5) Buy her crystals

Pretty crystals with good energy will be associated with you. That way your presence will be associated with a feeling of calmness. Chess, not checkers

6) Pray and fast regularly

Both of you will be cuddling, you will think all is well, then she asks if she can take some of your blood for a necklace. Or, she asks for a strand of your hair for a spell. They are always asking for parts of your body for one thing or the other. This is why you need to pray and fast without ceasing.

7) Know your place in her life.

Astrology will always come before you, because if she so much as sees the wrong numbers when she thinks of you, she will dump you. So, have your load packed, because you can be thrown out any time.

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