Self-isolating sounds a lot like the opposite of anybody’s best life. How can back to back hanging out with your furniture and window be a best life. It is ridiculously painful, we know. But guess what? There’s a method to these things and we’ve devised one to get you living your best life even while self-isolating from COVID-19.

Grab a pen because you are about to get schooled.

Stock Up On Your Faves

First you need to make sure that your quarantine buddies are all your favs. Especially favorite food. If you’re going to be stuck indoors for a while, it only makes sense that you get stuck with things you actually love. Secure the food yo!

Back Up Your Electricity

zikoko- live your best life while self isolating

By now you must already know that NEPA lives to disappoint. Come through for yourself with your generator. Make sure it is in good shape so that nothing spoils your groove. Then get a big keg and fill it up enough fuel.

Block False News Carriers on Social Media

zikoko- live your best life while self isolating

This is for your own sanity dear. You can’t be living your best life if you keep getting minor heart attacks courtesy of fake alarms from false news casters online.

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Create Your Jamming Playlist

This play list will come through for you when you get bored and just want to dance. Or twerk. Or do both. Think of it as your personalized DJ.

Read a Nice Book

Books are like movies you can watch without a television or electricity. Pretty genius if you ask me. And you probably need to give your eyes a break from all the screen time.

Stay in Touch With Friends and Family

zikoko- live your best life while self isolating

Don’t forget to check up on your friends and family while you’re at it. Now is the time to respond to your mother’s Whatsapp broadcast messages. Just so you’re sure she is also up to date with the latest news on COVID-19

Exercise while indoors

zikoko- live your best life while self isolating

You need to stay active and keep your body in good shape too. At least once a day do some activity like push ups, skipping or even dancing. Dancing is a fun way to exercise. See why you need that playlist?

And while you stay home in comfort and safety, Guardian has put together a useful resource on Coronavirus in Nigeria. Click here to get the latest COVID-19 information in Nigeria.



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