In this country, there are a lot of powerful people. Name them: kings, governors, President Buhari, etc. But you want to hear the truth? Those power holding people (NEPA / PHCN) are the ones who are truly in power. It’s okay if you don’t believe us. But look at our points and tell us if we are lying.

1. When you see light at the bus-stop but they have taken it before you get home.

E no go actually better for these people.

2. When the transformer in your street blows and you know that the dark times are here.

God, what offence did I commit that made you throw me in this country?

3. You, waiting for them to take light when the rain starts.

It’s kuku their hobby.

4. You, when your neighbours have light and you don’t.

Why not just take the light so we can be equal? Is it that you people don’t understand equality or what?

5. Your reaction when they take light and you’re cooking beans with hot plate.

Honestly, the anger that follows this is beyond description. Especially when you don’t have gas or kerosene to finish cooking the beans.

6.. You, wondering why they have not taken the light since morning.

You people should come and take your thing o, because now you will not bring it at night.

7. You, waiting for the NEPA bill when the light has been on for two days straight.

Very soon now, they will enter the street with ladder and bill.


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