As the show grinds to an end, we couldn’t help but reminisce on some of the housemates we met earlier in the show. Perhaps if they were still in the house we may have gotten a little more spice.

Here’s a list of 5 evicted housemates that definitely left the show too early.

1. Arin

For the first time on the show, we got to see a feminist who proudly wore the tag and went on a crusade to re-orientate as many other housemates as possible on Feminism. Arin didn’t stay too long in the house but before she left she built beautiful connections with other housemates like Angel, Nini, and Cross. She also established herself as an unshakeable girl’s girl and the resident therapist. Her no-nonsense approach to patriarchy and misogyny was definitely a vibe the show needed.

2. Beatrice

Beatrice may have been slow in unveiling her personality but the sneak peek she gave us before she got evicted shows that we would have been in for some multi-dimensional drama. Remember the kiss she had with Pere and how worked up it got Maria? Let’s also not forget the fight she had with Liquorose. Beatrice had spice to give, the viewers were just not patient enough.

3. JMK

zikoko- evicted housemates

If JMK was still in the house 2 plot twists are for sure; she would have given Queen and Jackie B a proper run for Whitemoney’s attention. Whitemoney would have probably leaped into a ship with her because if we remember correctly (and we do) he was quite persuasive in the friends with benefit discussion he had with her. But you people got her evicted with your pauper votes and now Mazi has missed out on the possible love of his life. We would have seen the coolest sismance between her and Angel.

4. Maria

zikoko - evicted housemates

Maria may have gotten on our collective nerves but there’s no denying that she brought a fire to the show that was visibly absent after she left. Her love/hate thing with Pere was an entire storyline on its own. She got Pere so deep in his feelings that after she left, the general made it a point to talk about her at least 9 times every day. And we got less drama, fewer fights, and more kumbaya sessions. But we don’t watch BBNaija for love and light, do we?

5. Honourable mention; Yerins

Imagine Yerins and Pere in a fight. All that comes up are scenes where Yerins uses his polymath brain to hypnotize Pere’s military brain and Whitemoney comes to settle the issue and gets hypnotized too. Mad stuff! But now we’ll never know because the resident polymath got evicted too soon.

Which other of the evicted housemates do you think would have brought more spice to the show? Tell us in the comments.



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