This 2021 BBNaija season, we’ve seen a lot of ships sail and sink in the 8 weeks the show has run for. Some of them seemed like wrong matches from the get-go and we were just waiting for the crash. But others actually held promise so it was sad to see them fail.

Here’s a list of 5 BBNaija ships that sailed and crashed this year.

1. Angel and Sammie

This ship gave a lot of viewers anxiety because they were a terrible match from the start. It was like “Layrica” reincarnated. Angel said time and time again that she liked Sammie as a person but they didn’t connect mentally enough for a relationship. Sammie on the other side wanted her to tone down her personality and be less “flirty” with other male housemates. What eventually broke this camel’s back was the fact that Sammie kept trash talking Angel to other housemates. As predicted, everything came crashing down in a heated shouting match between the two.

2. Maria and Pere

This seemed like a recipe for a volcanic eruption from the very start. Funnily enough, of all the housemates they both seemed like the only ones capable of handling each other. And who better to match an overly cocky Pere if not an equally headstrong Maria? However because “cocky and, “headstrong” is not a sustainable match, this romance could not survive the few weeks Maria spent in the house. Rumour has it that the first thing Maria did after she left the house was to block Pere on all platforms. We can’t say we are surprised.

3. Boma and Queen

Queen and Boma seemed like a good match at first, she’s hot and he’s tall. But with time Boma started showing the other housemates and viewers his true colours and those colours were not really pretty. Between him constantly chanting his “Okro nation” slogan and his entanglement with Tega, what he had with Queen quickly went to dust.

4. Crosskay – (Cross and Saskay)

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People liked the idea of a Cross and Saskay match because the narrative of a bad boy being “tamed” by the good girl sounds cute and grand on paper. But it doesn’t always work well in reality and in this case, it did not. Confronted with the options of Cross a bad guy, or Jaypaul, Saskay made her choice and that choice was not Cross.

5. Honourable mention: Whitemoney and JMK

zikoko - BBNaija ships

Our honourable mention is Whitemoney and JMK. For a moment there Whitemoney and JMK were discussing the possibility of a “Friends with Benefits” type of arrangement. But because housemates propose and viewers dispose, we didn’t get to see what became of that conversation. JMK got evicted that week.

Did we miss any BBnaija ships? Tell us in the comments.

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