This year we saw a lot of BBNaija relationships, situationships, and interesting friendships in the house. Of course, when you put that many people in an enclosed space for a long time they are bound to form connections with each other. The housemates formed these connections with each other; some were entertaining, some were healthy and others were just stressful for both the viewers and the housemates involved.

Here’s a list of 6 lessons we learned from this year’s BBNaija relationships;

1. Choose the people that choose you: Angel and Cross

Angel and Cross understood the ride or die assignment and we loved to see it. We saw Cross genuinely making efforts to understand and be there for Angel no matter how complex her personality was. They had their friendship on lockdown and it just proves that when the vibe matches everything else just sails smoothly.

2. Your network is your networth; Emmanuel and Liquorose

Despite not having a large fan base himself Emmanuel managed to survive all his eviction nominations and made it to the finals. The moral lesson is clear; if you want to go far in life, attach yourself to someone who is already ahead. Let them help your destiny.

3. Come correct on what you want: Jackie B and Micheal

zikoko - BBNaija relationships

This ship was the most tedious ship this year, they kept going back and forth and stressing everyone else involved because they couldn’t have an adult conversation on defining what they have. Between Jackie B’s “it’s not that deep/you’re disrespecting me”

and Micheal’s “stap playin wid mi” it was just a lot of stress for viewers and any other female housemate who dared come close to Micheal.

4. Make sure you are your spec’s spec: Whitemoney and Jackie B

zikoko - BBNaija relationships

Whitemoney put Queen through a lot of stress because he was trying to prove his feelings for Jackie B. And all along Jackie B had already “Father zoned” him because she said she gets “daddy vibes” from him. Moral lesson; research about your spec’s spec before you start picking out baby names.

5. People can be angry with you and still show up for you: Saga and Pere

zikoko - BBNaija relationships

Pere was visibly hurt when Biggie played the clip of Saga badmouthing him to Nini. But when Saga was distraught over Nini’s disappearance, it was Pere who stood by him, kept consoling him, and even sat with him outside the rain. If people genuinely care for you, they will come through for you when you need them to. It doesn’t even matter how angry they are with you.

6. Go after what you want: Saskay and Jaypaul

Jaypaul saw what he liked and he went after it. He did not let the fact that what he liked had a whole relationship outside the house or that another housemate was passionately in the race too. He simply went after what he wanted and as a reward won himself a passionate kiss before he got evicted (insert a round of applause here).

Which other lesson did you learn from this year’s BBNaija relationships? Tell us in the comments.


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