As a BBNaija Season 6 housemate Saga is annoying, but as a man romantically involved in a woman’s life, BBNaija Saga is the spec of all specs.

Don’t worry, if you don’t agree now, you will agree by the time you get to point 3 on this list.

1. He will gladly sell his father’s land to buy you hair.

As long as he gets to see a smile on your face, he will risk being removed from his father’s will. Your slay is his priority and maintaining your beauty is his life’s mission.

2. You can cheat on him and blame it on the devil.

Add a sprinkle of tears and you’ll be off the hook. You know he hates to see you vulnerable and crying. If you tell him he indirectly pushed you to do it he might even be the one apologizing.

3. If his parents don’t like you, he will come and tell you himself and beg you not to leave him.

And if any of his friends dare say a bad thing about you he will cut them off with a quickness. You don’t have to worry about coming second in his life because this man will demote everyone else for you.

4. He will gladly give you 50% of his salary.

zikoko - BBNaija Saga

And extra if you need more. He will also make you next of kin on all his bank accounts and investments. You are his woman and his woman must be financially pampered.

5. You don’t even need to buy juju, he will focus on you alone.

zikoko - BBNaija Saga

So you can use your Kayamata budget for enjoyment.

6. He will be your ride or die

zikoko - BBNaija Saga

No matter the address you are riding to, he will happily sit at the steering wheel and chauffeur you there.

7. He will never serve you breakfast.

Even if all the restaurants are doing promo, he will never serve you breakfast. His love for you is unconditional and very stubborn.

I hope with these 7 points, we have convinced you that a BBNaija Saga is the man you need.



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