While we are sorry that the relationship ended and left you with a broken heart, we are also interested in seeing you move on and glow sis. If you can relate to the signs you are not over your ex yet on this list then you need to put more effort into moving on. You’re allowed to mourn the end of a relationship but you shouldn’t put your life and happiness on hold because of it girl.

1. You keep stalking him on social media.

If you’re still significantly contributing to the profile views on his social media accounts then there’s a problem. You my dear, are slowly becoming the stalker ex girlfriend the movies talk about. And you need to stop before the embarrassing plot twist comes. For your own good.

2. You keep engineering accidental run-ins with him.

And it keeps getting awkward. You need to stop bumping into him too girl. At this point he can probably already tell that it is no longer coincidence.

3. You are almost always texting him.

…or even outrightly texting him. Both of which are unhealthy choices if you really want to move on with your life.

4. You keep wanting other men to be like him.

zikoko- signs you are not over your ex

Because you have made him the bar. But he is not be the bar. You determine what or who the bar is. You need to take control of the narrative.

5. Everything reminds you of him.

zikoko- signs you are not over your ex

And not in a good way. But rather in that deep melancholic my-life-is-in-ruins without him kind of way.

6. You are always talking about him.

zikoko- signs you are not over your ex

You keep talking about him to anyone who cares to listen. So much that even friends who don’t really know him can write a full essay on him complete with an accurate picture of his personality.

7. You have decided to maintain beef with his new girl.

zikoko- signs you are not over your ex

Even when she didn’t do anything to instigate it. You keep beefing his new girl for no reason other than that she replaced you. But she is not the problem dear, she is living her best life. The problem is that you somehow think she stole the key to yours. But she didn’t.

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