One of the things you realize when you start living on your own is that figuring out what to eat is as much a chore as actually making it. But we’re here with a simple list to make it easier for you during this lock down. Here are 8 simple Nigerian breakfast ideas to try while you self isolate.

1. Good old bread and tea.

zikoko- nigerian breakfast

Easy to make, no more than 5 minutes spent in the kitchen while at it.

2. Because bread goes with anything, bread and egg.

With tea on the side of course.

3. Okay so there’s no bread in the supermarket close to you, don’t panic yet, try pancakes.

zikoko- nigerian breakfast

Especially if you are self isolating with your partner and want to give them a breakfast in bed treat.

4. Plantain and egg.

zikoko- nigerian breakfast

It looks complicated but it’s not. The hot oil does half the job for you. Of course you have to be attentive to be sure it doesn’t become an overkill.

5. Garri for the culture.

zikoko- nigerian breakfast

Another effortless very Nigerian breakfast choice.

6. If you’re a man or woman of culture, eat your swallow in the morning.

Sure it would knock you out but who cares.

7. Pap.

And because we are not trying to start another custard VS pap debate, we will simply put custard as the next item on the list.

8. Custard.

And here’s pretty custard on the list. But seriously, how is there even a debate between these two? One is clearly outside the other’s league. No, don’t answer that. We are not trying to start a debate remember?

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