4 Nigerian shows on Netflix

Even though we hoped Rona V’s stop in Nigeria during her world tour would be brief, it looks like she’s gonna be here for a lot longer than we expected. This means that the lockdown we’re currently on will most likely last longer than the intended 2 weeks.

Before you start screaming in frustration at the thought of having to spend even more time with that family member you don’t like (parent, sibling, spouse, child, etc), here are 4 Nigerian shows on Netflix you can watch to pass the time.

  • Castle & Castle
Castle & Castle: 4 Nigerian shows on Netflix

Castle & Castle is a procedural drama set at the fictional, successful, eponymous law firm in Lagos run by power couple, Remi and Tega Castle (played by Dakore Egbuson-Akande and Richard Mofe-Damijo respectively). Everything is going fine until Remi and Tega decide to represent different sides of the law for some reason. This causes some strain on their marriage and working relationship, leaving viewers wondering which will be the first to fall: the business or the marriage.

2) Fifty: The Series

Fifty: The Series: 4 Nigerian shows on Netflix

An TV adaptation of the 2015 movie of the same name, Fifty: The Series is set in Lagos and follows the lives the lives of four women; Tola, Elizabeth, Kate, and Maria (played by Dakore Egbuson-Akande, Ireti Doyle, Keira Hewatch, and Omoni Oboli respectively); who are forced to stop and re-think the direction of their lives as ambition and betrayal threaten their relationships.

3) Meet the Adebanjos

Meet the Adebanjos: 4 Nigerian shows on Netflix

Meet the Adebanjos is a British sitcom that focuses on the lives of a British-African family living in Peckham, South London. Much of the show’s humour comes from the Adebanjo patriarch, Bayo, trying to instil his old-school African values on his modern and reluctant British family. There are currently 3 seasons and 50 episodes.

4) Sons of the Caliphate

Sons of the Caliphate: 4 Nigerian shows on Netflix

Sons of the Caliphate is a soap opera-style drama that chronicles the lives of three members of a royal family. Kalifah, Nuhu and Diko are all rich, entitled, passionate and ambitious young men drunk with power, engulfed by the darkness of addiction, the heat of love/desire, and the obligations that come with being royalty.

Also, is it just me or does the title design in this poster kinda look like the one for Gulder’s Ultimate Search?

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