The average Nigerian is religious. We believe in angels, spirits and hell. We also know that there is power in the tongue, especially when “an angel is passing” so we try not to say anything bad so that it won’t come to pass. It’s particularly worse when we’re singing. Lyrics are filled with so many, […]

If you’ve ever had a boss or been employed, even for a day, chances are that you have had one too many meetings in your short lifetime. Many of them, irrelevant and unnecessarily long. The sound of the word “meeting” probably irritates you because they’re just gatherings where people sit and say a lot of […]

If you were born in the mid to late 90s, there are quite a lot of things from your childhood that no longer exist. A lot has changed in terms of music, snacks, film, etc. You often think back with nostalgia and long for what you can call simpler times. You want to tell the […]

Let’s face it, there are punishments and then there are PUNISHMENTS clearly invented by people who hated children. It’s understandable that kids can be stubborn and that it’s important to discipline them once in a while. But, come on, why would you try to kill a child in the name of punishing them? Nigerian parents […]

Make no mistakes, alcohol will fuck you up. If you’ve ever gotten blackout drunk before, you know it’s a journey of nonstop drinking and bad decisions. And because it’s the weekend again, we know you’re about to let yourself down and do a little drinking. How about we prepare you for what you’re about to […]

So you’re in this babe’s house and you need to use the toilet, but you’re trying to hold it in because you know once you drop whatever it is you’re holding, she’ll delete your number and block you. You know what’s coming. You really shouldn’t have eaten that beans. And something even warned you, but […]

Whether you have a relationship with them or not, Nigerian relatives are an unavoidable reality. That’s why we’ve drawn up this guide to help you navigate the different relationships you didn’t ask for. Here’s the Zikoko guide to Nigerian relatives. The Grandmother: She just wants to hug you, feed you, and give you N1000 every time […]

Have you ever noticed how all the famous serial killers in movies always have one distinct trait that mark out their character? It could be something basic and almost negligible but it’s always something they do because they either can’t help it or they’re trying to send a message. In Se7en, for example, John Doe […]

All Nigerians are the same. There might be several ethnic groups and religions between us, but there are certain attributes we all share that make us similar. It’s even worse when you’re a Nigerian parent. We’ve concluded that there must be a school everyone goes to learn how to “parent” before they have children and […]

So you’ve had your visa interview, got your visa and you’re finally about to take that trip you’ve planned for years. But your mom has told you not to tell anyone you’re travelling until you get back. You’re wondering why? We’ll tell you.  Your village people don’t want you to travel This one goes without […]

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