Have you ever noticed how all the famous serial killers in movies always have one distinct trait that mark out their character? It could be something basic and almost negligible but it’s always something they do because they either can’t help it or they’re trying to send a message.

In Se7en, for example, John Doe was obsessed with talking about “The Seven Deadly Sins” (even if it meant killing people to communicate). It might seem normal and even righteous, but at least, now you know that anyone going on and on about sin is planning to kill you.

Based on this, we’ve decided to compile a list of behaviours that might seem “normal” but which you should probably watch out for as the people with these behaviours might be potential serial killers.

Pouring Cereal before Milk

This one tops the list because it’s particularly audacious and frightening. Eating breakfast is supposed to be the most harmless thing ever, but people have turned it into this occultic practice of pouring cereal in a bowl before casually pouring some milk later. Avoid people who do this. They will most likely kill you. 

Chewing Tablets

Nobody ever prays to be sick, but sometimes we fall sick and we have to take medication to get better. That’s perfectly normal. Being sick shouldn’t call for psychopathic behaviour. The instructions on drug packets clearly instruct users to take drugs with water, but some people want to show that they’re better than everyone. Enter abnormal behavior: chewing medicine tablets and swallowing (and no one is paying them to use their medication like this oh.) People with this type of behaviour should be stayed far away from. They can kidnap you and use you for blood money.

Wearing Too Much Perfume

This one is pretty straightforward: They wake up in the morning and intentionally soak their clothes in perfume like they’re trying to win an award. It might seem that they’re trying to send you a message though. Because every time they’re next to you, it feels like you’re being choked. They are basically a reverse Jean-Baptiste Grenouille. If you’re one of those people, STOP IT.


If you know someone who is constantly doing this, stop reading this or what else it is you might be doing and first block them, then report them and finally call the police on them. RIGHT NOW. People who do this are not trying to hide anything. They want the whole world to know who they are. Why are we still letting them live amongst us?

Using Phone Speakers in Public

We know them too well. On the bus, on the road or at home. They’re sitting there, with no cares in the world. Their phones are up to their ears playing music or their favorite radio station loud enough for everyone within sight to hear, and no matter how many nasty looks they get, they just keep bobbing their heads to the music. If you have a friend or roommate that does this, be very, very afraid of him. Only God knows the evil he’s capable of doing right in front of you.

Eating Loudly

Everyone was taught to eat quietly with their mouths closed. So if you see someone eating loudly, as if they’re a goat eating grass, it means they’re doing it intentionally as a warning to everyone in that room. Essentially, they’re telling you you’re not safe. Avoid these people at all costs.

That’s it! Our list of cereal killer behaviors in everyday life. If you know anyone who does any (or all!) of these things, you should go somewhere and hide forever because they watched you read this article and they know you know everything. You’re next on their hit-list.


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