Boyin Plumptre

Boyin Plumptre

Full-time scammer.

Hello fellow quarantings, how are you doing today? A little socially distant? Isolated from the things you love? We get it. Nobody knows better than us how you’re taking the lockdown. In fact, we know you so well, we have decided to stage an e-intervention to save you from all the stanky things you’ve been […]

For many, the outbreak of the coronavirus has felt like watching the opening of Pandora’s Box in real-time. Relaying their personal unboxing experiences are five Nigerians scattered around the world. We’re starting with Johnny, a Nigerian who lives in the original epicentre of the virus – China. Peter, China. At first, it felt more or […]

It’s official. Going forward, life is going to be divided into pre-corona and post-corona times. The world has never experienced and hopefully will never experience anything quite like this virus, which has so far affected around 351 000 people. Which is why we’re feeling more than a little appreciative and kind of nostalgic of all […]

There are a number of things that become important when a global pandemic goes double platinum with the sick beat it made, Thanos- snapping the world into quarantine. Playing (and winning) hide and seek against said virus definitely takes centre stage. Avoiding a beat down while threatening your parents to stay indoors probably follows suit. […]

what is social distancing

Today, we’re going to set aside any memories of being members of the music, literary and debating or 2 Face fan clubs, to pretend that all we’ve ever been are Boy Scouts. Because if there was ever a time to be prepared, that time is now! With the coronavirus present in Nigeria and rapidly spreading […]

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