Boyin Plumptre

Boyin Plumptre

Full-time scammer.
Nigerian Constitution

The Nigerian Constitution is the most important book in Nigeria. It is the source of all of our laws, and the highest law if any issues come up regarding the lawfulness of a subject. Which is why, unless you’re an eager-to-please law student/lawyer, you probably have no idea what this book looks like. Who law […]

For too long, Zikoko has looked on while the true heroes of Nigerian lifestyle have failed to receive the recognition they truly deserve. Well not anymore. From food staples that make sure our last ₦50 goes the extra mile. To electronic sets that make sure sleeping in darkness isn’t an only option; we present, our […]

Gombe state 100m computers

Okay everyone, we’re going to hold hands in a circle and PRAY that the brand of HP desktop computers that cost one million Naira each in Gombe State, comes out and reveals itself, because… This is according to TrakaNG, a project initiated by the pro-transparency group, BudgIT, to track the performance and execution of government […]

There are certain markers to confirm you grew up in a pretty regular Nigerian home. You probably grew up hating swallows, but evolved to appreciate the magnificence of starch and banga. You also probably, at one time or the other, had a relative or ten live in your house while they found their footing. That […]

There’s a personality hidden inside every one of us that comes out when it’s time to japa. If you’re still in doubt, have a peep at some Nigerian behaviours we’ve noticed when it’s time to travel: The type that always stay strapped in case a 90s themed video shoot is happening at the airport the […]

If there’s anything that should have major shareholdings in a procrastination company, it is without a doubt, television series.  One more episode before you work turns into 2 seasons, and before you know it, you’ve pushed your deadline by another day. We know there are many TV addicts amongst us, but which one are you? […]

Bayelsa David Lyon

In perhaps the worst case we’ve ever seen of somebody using their sand-sand to spoil another’s garri, the Bayelsa State Governor-Elect – APC’s David Lyon, just had his victory nullified. It’s all thanks to the efforts of deputy-governor elect, Biobarakuma Degi-Eremienyo. FYI, this nullification happened just one day to the Bayelsa State inauguration. We promise […]

See ehn, in this life, everything isn’t about money. Okay, about 99% of things or 99.9% of things are, but let’s not get carried away. Included in these things that do not have to be about money, is no other than Valentine’s Day. We’re not calling you broke, but we took a little peek into […]

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