Still on my personal lockdown which isn’t ending anytime this year or maybe even next — I have taken to asking my friends the most inane questions every week, to pass the time. Two weeks ago it was if they’d rather have walrus canines for teeth or horse’s feet for legs (Think about it!).

Last week, it was the probability of Nigerians eating aliens before they even get the chance to ask for our supreme leaders (before you say no, remember those whales that got eaten). Now this week, it’s a maybe sixty-something old question that I decided to throw out, simply asking: which day Nigeria go get light? Here’s what they had to say.

Never going to happen – Onyi

That’s it oh. There’s no long talk. It’s just never going to happen. If in the middle of a pandemic, the senate can cut the health budget by almost half, but spend 27 billion on renovating a building that doesn’t need it, then that’s all you need to know. It’s never going to be a pressing enough matter for the government because Nigerians have been coping well enough all these years, why should they use their own small 8 years to solve a national crisis? They have trips to take.

So nope, never going to happen.

It may happen, but not in my lifetime – Damola

The funny thing is, people might say I’m an eternal optimist, but I really think Nigeria is going to get it right one of these days. It’s not going to be in my lifetime, and I’m young (25, for any ladies interested), so nobody should be hoping for 24/7 light as 2021 new year’s gift from the government.

I think the shame of being so far behind might eventually just get to them. If Somalia can have constant electricity, what exactly is our excuse. But then again, for this to work, I have to imagine the government feels shame… see, I don’t actually know about the light thing. Let’s be seeing.

Unless you people have another Nigeria you’re hiding in Cotonou’s back, nope – Femisire

If there’s another Nigeria somewhere in Cotonou, then maybe yes. But as long as it is the Nigerian I’ve spent 26 years living in oh, me, I’m going to tell you for free that you shouldn’t waste your time waiting for the government to give you constant electricity. Get your gen on lock, I heard that solar power isn’t the worst. But if you’re praying for one miracle to touch somebody’s heart to use his flex money, aka tax payer’s money to fix this light issue. Good luck oh.

I 100% believe Nigeria will have constant electricity one day – Tinuke

I’m speaking as a person of faith. Nigeria will have constant electricity one day. I can’t tell you when, it’s hard to give a definite date. But let me tell you, the plans God has for this country will confuse the naysayers and anyone that has spent their lifetimes confused at its current state. Just wait, the turn around is coming.

I’m half and half – Kolawole

Part of me doesn’t think Nigeria will ever get to the point of constant electricity. But the other part is so scared at the reality of us never reaching even that feat, that I have to be hopeful that one day, it will be a reality.

Truthfully, I don’t know that this light issue will ever be be cleared in my lifetime, but I just have to hope that it will be.

What do you guys think?



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