After defeating the little leagues of your siblings stealing your meat and bedwetting at sleepovers, the final evil boss of your childhood was probably having to deal with the menace that is chores.

From graduating from having chore time tables, to being responsible for the cleanliness and order of your own apartment, we can attest 100% that chores are the ghetto and will be forming a We Hate Chores So Much, Make Them Stop Club in protest. Who has a plug at the CAC?

To show how seriously we’re taking this, we made a list of all the reasons chores suck, feel free to add some more in the comments:

The feels when you’re happily playing football in the compound and hearing your mother call you to come and clean the toilet window

Growing up in Nigeria

If I run away now, they’ll say I’m doing too much.

Breaking the speed of light to sweep the sitting room after hearing your mommy pull up after wasting time all day

Who didn’t do this?

Getting ready to actually cook for the house, then someone tells you to cook for the house

Don’t tell me what to do!

How you feel after picking up one piece of paper that was littering the compound

You deserve the rest

Your clothing options after you refused to do laundry for 37 weeks and all your clothes are in the laundry basket

See your life on the streets

You and your stomach waiting to see who will give up first after refusing to cook

We shall see

When you complain to your friends about hating chores and they advise you to outsource it

 In which economy sis?

Living alone and realising your chores won’t do themselves if you don’t get to them

The injustice!

But for real, who has CAC plug for our club? Link us in the comments.



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