Say what you want about reality TV, but as someone who lives for drama and messiness, they’re the gifts that keep giving. Whether it’s housemates fighting in the Big Brother Naija house or singers crying after being rejected from a singing show, reality TV has given some truly memorable moments. 

Here are some reality TV show moments that still live rent free in our heads and either make us cringe or burst into laughter from time to time. 

Rita’s debate on Koko Mansion (2009)

No one remembers Koko Mansion these days , but one popular moment that has been burnt into my memory is this clip where one of the show’s contestants gbagauning back to back like it’s no one’s business. Such an iconic throwback pop culture moment. 

Viral “bunch of women” video from Judging Matters (2022)

You have to be living under a rock not to have heard at least one viral soundbite from this episode of Judging Matters. People say “men are scum” all the time, but after listening to this woman narrate all her husband put her through, I believe this man is at the top of the scum totem pole. As sad as her story was, “what a life?” and “bunch of women” quickly turned the clip into  TikTok gold

Ozo’s failed attempt to kiss Nengi on Big Brother Naija (2020)

Probably one of the most cringeworthy moments in Big Brother Naija history, Ozo’s attempt to kiss Nengi and the way she curved him lives rent free in my head. I still haven’t gotten over the secondhand embarrassment I felt that night. And let’s just say Dorathy and Vee’s reactions haven’t made it easy for me to forget either. 

Cee-C vs all the other housemates on Big Brother Naija (2018) 

Cee-C the troublemaker. This babe terrorised everyone while she was a contestant on Big Brother Double Wahala and I lived for every moment. Whether it was dragging Tobi daily, almost breaking Lolu’s balls or fighting  Alex, Koko and Nina, Cee-C was the ultimate entertainer that year. I stan a messy queen. 

Mercy’s iconic “I just want to relas and be taken kiaruf” line on Mercy and Ike (2020) 

I don’t know what motivated Mercy to say this on her Big Brother spinoff show with Ike, Mercy and Ike. But as a tired Nigerian, I get it. I, too, would like to relass and be taken kairuf. Thanks. 

Caroline and Laura’s fight on Real Housewives of Lagos (2022)

I just want to use this opportunity to thank the team behind The Real Housewives of Lagos for serving us premium drama in 2022. While the show had a lot of chaotic moments, nothing topped Caroline and Laura’s fight after weeks of strategic shading and premeditated violence. Someone was accused of sleeping with politicians to sell books, another person was accused of sleeping with “small small boys” and wigs were thrown all over the place — ingredients for a perfect Real Housewives showdown, if you ask me.  

Alex crying like a widow because of Leo on Big Brother Naija (2018) 

While Alex and Leo from the Big Brother Double Wahala season were a cute couple, nothing prepared me for just how badly she took his eviction from the show. This babe went into full Hilda Dokubo mode as if  her husband had just been killed in the evil forest.  

Girl, he was evicted, not murdered, why this? 

Aroma, the first guy to win 10m on Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? (2009)

I can still remember talking about this episode of Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? in class the next day, while in secondary school. Aroma winning the grand prize on the show felt like a victory for ALL Nigerians. I wonder where he is today and if that ₦10 million is still remaining small. 

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“Oh God, why?” on Nigeria Got Talent (2014)

This is one of those reality TV show moments where you want to feel bad for a contestant, but you just can’t hold back the laughter. After failing to impress judges on Nigeria Got Talent, this contestant had an emotional, but lowkey hilarious breakdown in the corner of the stage. I really want other people to watch and laugh so I can rest well knowing I’m not the only one who won’t make heaven. 

BBNaija Lockdown Reunion on Big Brother Naija (2021)

Big Brother Naija is chaotic AF by design, but shit gets ten times more insane when each set of contestants come back for the reunion show the following year. Having had time to watch clips from the main show, the contestants from the Lockdown season went ham, dragging each other for filth. Ka3na accused Praise of being a one-minute man, Vee admitted to being a witch, Kiddwaya showed up looking like Jon Snow and blowjobs in the house were blown out of proportion. Those reunion episodes had me in a chokehold for weeks. 

Erica and Gordons Gin vs. Laycon on Big Brother Naija (2020)

If there’s one thing Erica’s attack on Laycon taught me, it’s to stay away from Gordons Dry Gin. Omo, that drink turned Stargirl Erica into Savage Erica and I’m still shook till today. 

Caroline and Chioma’s surprise fall out on Real Housewives of Lagos (2022) 

Caroline and Chioma’s fallout was one fight I didn’t see coming after weeks of watching The Real Housewives of Lagos. These women were best friend goals at the start of the show, but like Tiannah Styling said, “Loyalties do shifty sometimes.” 

I’m still rooting for them, and I hope they settle their beef on or before the next season. Please my faves, make it work for Conrad. 

Hilarious cover of Chris Brown’s Don’t Judge Me on Project Fame (2014)

Honestly, I don’t wanna go there either. 

Liquorose’s Saturday night dance moves on Big Brother Naija (2021)

We can’t talk about Saturday night parties in the Big Brother Naija Shine Ya Eye house without talking about Liquorose’s moves. This babe danced like she was on Maltina Danceall or Stomp the Yard every Saturday from the week she landed to the week she was evicted. C for consistency. 

Seyi Shay and the singer who can never make it, on Nigerian Idol (2021) 

You can’t come on a singing show and expect judges to lie to you about your performance. It’s crazy that when  Seyi Shay told a contestant to quit singing and stick to writing, her statement divided Nigerians. I can confidently say that I’m #TeamSeyiShay on this. If you can’t stand the heat, go to the parlour — or whatever they say. 

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