When this year’s BBNaija housemates came into the house, a number of them promised to bring vibes, and we were all excited. But after watching them party every Saturday night, it has become clear which one of them brought vibes and which one of them just came to look. Without further ado, here are 9 BBNaija housemates with the best party vibes:

1. Angel.

Angel’s vibes are so unmatched. Since she stepped into the Big Brother house, she has been a whole mood. And when it’s time for Saturday night party? Angel’s vibe is overflowing. We stan and restan.

2. Cross.

Cross needs to get one major crown: King of Vibes. Just look at him having the fun of his life and making everyone happy. Just look at. Could your fave ever?!

3. Liquorose.

Let us all kneel down and thank God for Liquorose. Every Saturday party is a hit with her. Vibes, back to back. Who does it like her? NOBODY!

4. WhiteMoney.

Yes, he cooks in the kitchen. But listen, WhiteMoney cooks even more vibes and serves it to us on the dance floor. He deserves a cold bottle of Guinness, please.

5 & 6. Nini and Saga.

This two have become one unit, and like that, they still bring us vibes. Hate them or love them, you cannot deny the love nwantiti that they deliver. Barman, two bottle of Guinness for the lovebirds, please.

7. Emmanuel.

To be fair, Emmanuel alone isn’t always giving what he is meant to give. But since Liquorose entered his life or since he entered Liquorose’s life, he has started supplying some cool vibes, and now we look forward to seeing him at the Saturday night party. We hail.

8. Queen.

Queen isn’t called Queen for nothing sake. This babe is a Queen of the dance floor. Never have we seen someone who is so excited to serve us dance moves and pure fun, while holding a bottle of Guinness and making us crave it. Thank you, Queen!

9. Pere.

Just look at General Pere and tell us if he doesn’t deserve a bottle of Guinness too! DJ, play “Dorime”, let them bring out the Guinness.

Special mention: (Un)official couples.

Picture Angel and Cross somewhere in this photo, bringing us entertainment. These people may or may not be in any ship, but when it’s time to serve couple’s content, they are always present. We salute them, and we salute the Guinness drinks in the background. It’s not easy to watch people being lovey-dovey when you just want to pose for a picture as a bottle of drink.



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