I totally lost my cool when I heard the Real Housewives franchise was making its way to Nigeria with the launch of Real Housewives of Lagos. But while I’m still dying in anticipation of the chaos and drama the show will bring, my mind wandered to other shows I’d like to see adapted for a Nigerian audience. What do you think? 

1. Keeping Up With The Otedolas

A show about rich women being rich and living their best lives? Inject  it! Inspired by Keeping Up With The Kardashians, this show will follow our favourite Otedola babes: DJ Cuppy, Tolani and Temi as they navigate love, life and career while jetting around the world. I’d like to know what that family gets up to while feeling hopelessly poor.

2. Drag Race: Lagos 

You see this one, please, it needs to happen fast. Rupaul’s Drag Race on its own is chaotic AF, so I can’t help but imagine how much drama the Lagos factor would add to the show. Princess of Africow, rise, it’s your time to shine. I honestly can’t think of a better host for this show. From the shimmering satin and sequin looks to all the shade and dragging that will follow, there’s no way this show won’t have me scalped and gagged. 

3. The Bachelor Franchise 

A show where one man has to date multiple women at the same time over a couple of weeks and then eliminate them one by one until he ends up with his wife? Yeah, this sounds like your average Nigerian relationship. Does this show hit  too close to home? Yes. But will it give me premium drama? Also, yes. 

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4. Master Chef Nigeria 

The fact that no one else has thought of this is a bit concerning. Where is the Nigerian creative spirit people? This won’t be your average Masterchef TV show. The task at hand? Making restaurant-quality creamy pasta or seafood okra on a budget of ₦5,000. The more tasks you win, the bigger your budget gets for the next task. Chef Fregz, how far? 

5. Love Dey Shine Eye 

We all know Love is Blind can’t work in Nigeria, so I decided to try something different. Why would anyone want to date someone they can’t see? To what end? Here, we will jampack single people into one house and have them select who they want to marry on the first day. What happens when two guys want one girl? Simple, they will have a traditional wrestling fight at cockcrow the next day. Yes, it applies to women too. What’s love if it won’t be fought for? 

6. Survivor Nigeria

OG reality buffs know that Survivor is a goated TV show. Yes, we have Gulder Ultimate Search, but two kings can exist, right? The best part of this version is that contestants won’t even know they’re going to be on a show. We’ll just tell them there’s a beach party at Ilashe — Trust me, Lagosians will show up with life jackets from their house — pick them up in a speedboat, dump them on a remote island somewhere and just give them the peace sign. May the best man win. The drama is going to be so good!

7. Love and Afrobeats 

Love and Hip-Hop is responsible for half of the reaction gifs on social media and the careers of both Cardi B and Joseline “Do it like it’s your bidet” Hernandez’ careers. Think Real Housewives but with more violence — they do usually throw hands on this show like there’s no tomorrow. Who do we suggest for this? Well, how about Tonto Dikeh (she’s a singer too) and Blaqbonez for a start?  

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