Nigerians love reality shows, especially ones packed with drama, sexual content, and promises of chaos. This is why Big Brother Naija (BBNaija) has become a national favourite. And even though each season comes with a different theme or twist, one thing remains constant — the characters of the housemates on the show. 

The Ladies’ man

Every season, there’s a dangerously attractive male housemate. Tall handsome and a 10/10 actual spec. He has women in and out of the house fawning over him. Even though BBNaija Season 7: Level Up has just started, it’s clear who has this title already. 

Miss endowed 

These ones have a banging body and they live to flaunt it. Unarguably the curviest female in the house, they may appear vain and superficial but they’re smart and never take their eyes off the bag. 

Upcoming artist

Some people get into the Big Brother house for the experience, others for the prize money. And then there are the ones who just want to sell their music. Makes us wonder why they didn’t go for Nigeria’s Got Talent instead. But with previous winners like Efe, Laycon, and Whitemoney, this seems like a winning strategy? 

The one with an accent, init 

There’re two kinds of people here. On one hand, we have those who were either born abroad, schooled there, or travel abroad a lot. They’re not really there for the money, and it shows. You have to listen closely to what they’re saying to understand them. 

Then there’s the one that went to Dubai once and somehow developed an Ameri-Igbo accent. You also need to pay attention to hearing them because their accents are as unstable as the national power grid

The cook

Husband or Wife material 100 yards. They use Nigerians’ love for food to win the other housemates over. We can’t tell if they genuinely like cooking or if cooking is their strategy. 

Life of the party

They aren’t necessarily the best dancers but their burst of energy and jolly vibes make them the highlight of every party. We look forward to the Saturday night parties especially because of them. 

It’s too early to call it this year, but I have my eyes on Phyna, the hype mistress, and Chichi, the exotic dancer. 

The micro-celeb

Whether it’s Instagram influencers or ex-beauty Queens, there’s always someone with a considerable level of social media before entering the house. We once had Tacha; last year we had Liquorose and this year it’s Hermes. I mean, if you’ve been in Davido and Burna Boy’s videos, you’re celeb material. 

Married man

Is this a good idea for married people to be part of this reality show? Maybe not, but they add extra plot thickening. 

The trouble maker

What’s a reality show without vawulence? Nigerians hate peace, so they’re always on the lookout for the most likely to throw hands. And there’s always that housemate that delivers. Even though their fellow housemates might hate them and they may be tagged controversial, they have a lot of supporters on the bird app. 

Games master 

With the amount of truth or dares they play in the house, it only makes sense for someone to volunteer as the self-acclaimed games master. They put so much energy and passion into coordinating games, we wonder where that energy is during the Head of House games.  

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