Nigerian men have been slandering women for far too long, pretending not to enjoy things like romantic comedies or using skincare products. Well I’m here to expose them.  Men actually like: 

Being the small spoon

Men are such big babies. They’ll be doing “I’m the alpha male” on social media, meanwhile behind closed doors they’re coming to wrap themselves inside your body to cuddle. Their favourite position is being the little spoon. They love it so much, they almost want to cry when you leave them for two seconds.


Using skincare products 

See ehn, men love using skincare products, but they hate buying them. That’s why they’re always very excited to sleep over at women’s houses. It’s their one chance to try out all the face masks, cleansers, toners, etc. Once they go back home, they’re back to using Irish Spring. 

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Watching soap-operas

I’m sure men will deny this one with their full chests but trust me, Nigerian men like soap operas. They’ll do hard guy hard guy at first, but when they watch one episode in a waiting room or with their significant others, they’ll be hooked. Next thing they’re asking questions and wondering why Rosalina doesn’t want to give Fernandez a chance. 


Nigerian men are always hopping on all kinds of different Tik Tok challenges, especially the ones that involve either acting, dancing or dressing up as women to make jokes.  But it’s women that are obsessed with Tik Tok, shior! 

Using Snapchat filters

You think women use snapchat filters??? I challenge you to go through a man’s Snapchat memories today. They might not necessarily use flower filters or dog faces. But you see those ones that make your skin clear and make your skin glow? That’s where you’ll find these niggas.


Nigerian men are constantly talking about how women are obsessed with food and how all they know, live and breathe, is food. But have you seen Nigerian men talk about food on Twitter before? They’re the ones always wanting fresh pots of soup every day and wondering who should cook when one person comes back from work late. Abeg Abeg. 

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Carrying handbags

Oh sorry, apparently they’re called satchels. Please dear, who do you think you’re deceiving? If you like call it a satchelman purse or murse. Handbag na handbag. I think men have realized that pockets just aren’t enough, and I totally understand. 

Being spanked on the ass

You’ll walk by and spank a man’s ass and he’ll pretend to be upset, meanwhile, he’s smiling on the inside. It’s okay, we know you love it. Weyrey dey disguise.

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