Snapchat filters have done a great work in helping us take better selfies. And we appreciate them. That’s why the reward for hard work is more hard work. With each selfie they make better, Nigerians keep applying pressure. Behold, a list of Snapchat filters that have served Nigerians so well:

1. The flower crown

The OG of Snapchat filters. The filter of all filters. It was called Ugu leaves at some point. And some people still claimed that a real man shouldn’t use that filter.

Wahala for who be real man oh.

2. The dog filter

Runner up. Everywhere, there was this filter. The long pink tongue, the floppy ears, the nose. Whew, it was an era.

3. The pink flower

And then this one entered the group chat. Pink haze everywhere.

4. The mask

Miss Rona brought this to our faces. And suddenly it’s the happening thing. Nigerians abeg, the filter needs rest. Wear a proper mask and take a photo with it.

5. Ciao

Hmm. Let me not say what is on my mind. But rumour has it that the filter is currently begging for its life like this:


Nigerians, abeg eh.

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