There are certain things that you — a grown adult —shouldn’t be doing with food at your big age.  If you do any of the things I’ve listed below, back to kindergarten. 

Eating only two slices of bread

Only children will eat two slices of bread and say they’re full. As a grown-ass adult, how can you say two slices of bread is enough for you? If you’re eating less than seven slices, I can’t take you seriously, please. 

Dipping your bread in tea

This isn’t even a thing that children should be doing, but we’ll allow them because they don’t know better. But if you do this at your big age, you deserve to be flogged as many strokes euqal to the number of your age.

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Eating only two packs of noodles 

Two? Just two standard packs??? Even my little sister eats more than two packs and she’s fourteen. Please grow up. 

Mixing all your rice and stew  

Not only are you childish if you do this, but you’re also a cultist. I don’t understand how you’ll mix all your rice and stew together at once and think it’s okay. What satisfaction does this give you please? 

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Oats slander

If you slander oats, you’re most definitely childish because what do you have against food that is healthy for you and still tastes great? Only children talk bad about healthy food.

Putting your cereal before your milk

The only way to eat cereal it to put the powdered milk first, before cereal — unless you’re using liquid milk (in which case, you’re rich and we should be eating you). 

Saving your meat for last

When we were young, we always ate our protein at the end of our meals because we were “saving the best for last.” You should have realised by now that this is a scam. Our parents really tried to use meat to teach us delayed gratification. SMH. 

Eat chicken and chips

But how will you eat chicken and chips when you’re not at a children’s party? Imagine it: you dress up nice, drive off to a fancy restaurant to meet up with your friends or your partner. The waiter comes up to you to take order, and what you ask for is chicken and chips?

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