I’m starting to love weekends more now because of all the events I get to attend. Last Saturday, I went to Flying Fish’s pool party, and I had way too much fun. I don’t usually attend pool parties because I cannot give my haters the chance to shine by throwing me inside the pool. But I had no choice in attending this one because Zikoko said so. For once, I’m thankful for capitalism because that party was lit!

The party was at Sol Beach by Box Mall. I got there at past 12, and first fell in love with how colourful the place looked.  Of course, there were many instagrammbale spots; you can’t throw a party with influencers without giving them aesthetically pleasing backdrops. There was a photo booth, where people got to take really cool pictures. There was also a  runway. I got on it, strutted up and down like a supermodel and honestly, Naomi Campbell has nothing on me. I loved seeing people have fun, making videos and taking pictures on the runway in their stylish beach outfits. I need more of this at parties, please.

Most of the activities happened around the pool. I didn’t get in the pool but other people did, and they had a lot of fun. There were water gun fights, water volleyball, swimming, and some people were just peacefully floating in the pool. Those outside the pool got to play games like beer pong, and musical chairs with a twist whoever; didn’t get a chair had to jump in the pool. 

Belly dancers came out to dance and remind us that hips don’t lie. There was also pool karaoke, which was super entertaining because people took their performances very seriously. People were asked to form music groups with backup singers and dancers. And boy, every single person took it seriously. If you heard that Beyoncé fell down while performing during her Renaissance tour, it’s because a group of people in VI, Lagos, Nigeria, snatched her throne for a few minutes. Or maybe they just wanted to win the cash prize,  we’ll never know.

By the way, did I mention that there was free food and unlimited Flying Fish beers going around? I promise I drank responsibly. But I ate until I couldn’t anymore because I had only white rice and stew in my fridge.  Don’t judge me, please.

I had so much fun. I danced until I was struggling to breathe. I literally had to take a break to use my inhaler. I love it when people choose DJs that know how to keep the crowd hyped up until the end. DJ Dayzee and DJ Neptune killed it! 

The Flying Fish Influencer Party was an unforgettable experience. The venue was perfect, the activities were fun, and the energy was exhilarating. I’m so glad I got to attend. 



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