Whether we want to admit it or not, working out feels like a very sexual thing. From routines like hip thrusts and squats to push ups, there’s something about all these movements that just scream fornication! It also doesn’t help that personal trainers and gym rats keep shouting these sexual phrases at one another. 

Oh, and in case you didn’t know, sex is also a form of exercise that burns a ton of calories. 

Here’s a list of things men can say in the gym and also during sex.

1. “Arch your back properly” 

How are you going to get good results if they don’t put their back into it? It doesn’t matter whether it’s an intense session with your sneaky link or a sweaty gym session with your bros, everyone needs to arch their  backs.  

2. “Maintain your grip” 

Sometimes you have to remind them to “hold it well” so it doesn’t fall and get somebody injured. No matter what you’re doing, safety must always come first. I’m just looking out for you bro. 

3. “What am I supposed to do with this one?” 

Omo, you’re not alone. We all get confused sometimes. Either the equipment is too big, too small or just not what you expected. It’s better to ask questions than to make mistakes. Sho get? 

4. “Bend down well”

This one is very important. Please go down low  so you can get a good work out dear. 

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5. “This thing is heavy o”

It do usually be shocking sometimes. LOL

6. “Push your chest out”

Are we here to play? Please push your chest out so you don’t injure yourself.

7. “This position is painful” 

Shout it if necessary, because if you keep quiet, you’re just doing yourself. 

8. “Work on your form”

See, form is everything. It doesn’t matter how low, deep or heavy you go, if your form is trash, the whole session is trash. There’s also a chance you might break your back or knees. Is it really worth it? 

9. “Don’t rush it, feel every pump” 

Working out and having sex is way better when everyone involved takes their time to really enjoy the process. Why are you running? Breathe in and out, calm your nerves and enjoy everything. 

10. ” We can take turns “

Where’s the fun in either working out or having sex if you’re doing just one thing from start to finish? Boring! 

11. “Can you spot me?”

No man is an island. We should all be our brother’s keepers both in the gym and during knacks. 

12. “Are you done?” 

Too much of anything is not good — except money sha. Sometimes you have to remind the other person that you have other things to do. You can’t be working out or fornicating from morning to night abeg. 

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