We know you’re tired of endless Zoom meetings and work calls that could easily have been emails. So I’m, the next time someone says any of these things on a Zoom call you’re on, you can have a little chuckle knowing that they’re also probably saying this in the bedroom.

1. “I think someone else is trying to join.”

2. “Sorry, my service is bad.”

3. “Same time next week?”

4. “Oh, we’re done? That was fast.”

5. “Is it better now?”

6. “Can we record so we can watch this later?”

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7. “This can only last 30 minutes unless it’s paid for.”

8. “We need to round up now.”

9. “Sounds good. Let’s do it.”

10. “Let’s skip the formalities and get down to the basics.”

11. “This could have been an email.”

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