If you’re thinking of dating a gym rat, the best place to meet them is a gym.  If you go to the gym and see these extremely fit people, or even the gym instructor and all of a sudden you’re catching feelings. My dear, it’s dehydration, kill that crush because here are 10 things you will have to deal with if you date them.

1. They blend everything

The Zikoko Guide To Dating A Gym Rat.

Irrespective of taste difference, they will blend it. At odd hours in the morning, mid-afternoon, late at night? If drinking their disgusting mixtures doesn’t kill you, all that noise will. You shouldn’t be dating someone that is trying to kill you.

2. They carry water bottles everywhere

The Zikoko Guide To Dating A Gym Rat.

I have no problem with people carrying portable tanks up and down but the moment you’re a little thirsty and you ask them for water? Very stingy set of people.

3. If they are on a diet, you are on a diet

Your new gym rat partner will disturb you about what you eat so much and if you don’t have a very strong will, you’d end up giving in. The worst part is that they recommend that you eat everything but that actual version of human food e.g carrot milk, wtf is that?

4. Understand that you’re in a throuple

You are dating them and the gym at once. For your sake, don’t ever ask a gym rat to choose between you and the gym because it will end in premium tears.

5. All their hoodies are either skintight or sleeveless

Very inconsiderate people as you can see because why are they wearing something you can’t steal? Must everyone see their gains? Dating a gym rat is a brave task only a few can do.

6. They will pick you up randomly for no reason

The feeling of being carried is top tier. Until they start using you as a weight lifter when their gym membership expires by mistake for one day.

7. They don’t cheat

It’s not because they can’t oh but because between all the time they spend at the gym and with you, they can’t make time to cheat. Except it’s a Nigerian man then lmao.

8. They wake up very early

Nobody kuku sent you

You must surely know this since you’ve decided to date a gym rat. Make your peace with this and invest in earplugs.

9. They hog the mirror

This seems like something small but imagine that you’re late to work and you can’t look at the mirror because your partner is busy flexing their pecs for one hour, just imagine.

10. They give gifts all the time

Gym membership there, a water bottle here, running shoes, headphones. They’re basically begging you to join their cult.

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