I spent some time googling sex positions on the internet (do not ask), so I decided to rename some and share them with you. No need to thank me, you are welcome.

1) Upside down Ojuelegba spinner

The new summoning circle

You will need yourself and two more people for this. Honestly, we think if you draw a circle with white chalk while doing this, you can summon a demon. So, do it.

2) Balling like Bola

You see where it gets its name? The fact that this one requires exercise equipment just shows you need to do it. One stone, two birds. Start getting ready for your summer body.

3) Riding Okada

Look at the positioning, does it not look like you’re flying bike? Do it, dear, and feel young again. I feel empowered just looking at it.

4) Eko o ni baje

This just promotes teamwork and collaborarion. The true spirit of Lagos. Eko o ni baje true true.

5) Booboo

This is named after a particular bad boy that needs punishment. Doing it is basically “fucking the system” if you get what I mean *wink wink*.

6) Iyana Ipaja molue

Something about this reminds me of trying to hop bus at Iyana Ipaja. If you bend your head to the right a little, and spin your device to the right, you will be able to see it too. If you have never been to Iyana Ipaja, this is the next best thing.

7) Mountain of Fire

Please at this point you should stop wondering why these things were named the way they are. Just send these sex positions to your lover and try them out.

8) Onion is expensive

This one has layers, has depth, just wow. Whenever you remember the price of onions, just do this to take away your frustrations.

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