Here’s a common Twitter scenario: A woman posts a tweet saying “This man’s birthday is coming and I don’t know what to get him.” Some clowns will quote the tweet, saying she should give him 1,500 and boxers. 

Since women are always so confused about things Nigerian men actually want, we the nice people at Zikoko made a handy list of things Nigerian men really want.

1. Actual gifts

Let’s start from here. Singlet and boxers are NOT gifts, no matter how you package it. Examples of actual gifts men actually want are a brand new set of car tyres, a Macbook Pro, whatever iPhone is the latest, or a Fossil watch. Handkerchief and singlet will not cut it anymore.

2. Peace of Mind

If actual gifts are too much for you to buy (of course), Nigerian men can really settle for peace of mind. Allow them to rest. It’s not every time you’ll be pressing our necks. Let us breathe.

3. Allow him to date other people

I mean, of course, Nigerian women will never dream of giving anybody piece of mind, so how about you let him date other women once in a while? Just a little cheating? No? Okay.

4. Order him a week’s worth of lunch

This one is one of the best things you can do for the man you love so much.

5. Sponsor a weekend getaway

If none of the above appeals to you, you can consider sponsoring weekend holiday, within and outside Nigeria. As long as I don’t see another tweet saying “I don’t know what to get for this man.”

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