I was talking to a couple of friends in a group chat, and somehow (don’t ask how), rounds of sex came up. After much hullabaloo, it became clear that there was no standard definition of what a round of sex constituted.

Of course, I had to ask people about their opinions on this issue of national security, and I got answers varying from scary to hilarious.

Damola, Male, 25

One round is when the babe cums at least three times. Most people struggle with making women cum because they don’t know how valuable foreplay is. You don’t make a woman cum by thrusting alone. A round of sex should be 60 minutes, on average. So most times, I just do one round and I dip. The trick is to use your tongue and fingers to get her close, then use your thrust game to prod it home like prime Inzaghi. Sex is war and I must always win.

Ruby, 24, Female

With all things being equal, a round of sex is complete when both/all partners cum. The time now depends on a number of things, like how much time was spent on foreplay and rough play. But once constant thrusting has commenced, you don’t need to do more than 10 minutes. Do fast and get off me, please.

Kay, Female, 22

The definition of one round of sex depends on how the konji holds me. It could be anything form 5 to 30 minutes; as long as I’m satisfied. So, a round is whenever I cum. I once had sex for 4 hours, although there was a short break in between.

Ebi, 31, Male

A round is complete when a guy cums. That usually signifies the end of penetrative sex. It’s not always the case, as bouncebackability can be different for different people. But you definitely cannot measure a round with when a woman cums because those ones can cum 10 times in 30 minutes. How you wan count am?

Tosin, Female, 22

1 round = from start to pause. The pause could be for any reason; when either party wants a breather, wants to get some juice or has already orgasmed. The highest number of rounds at a go is about four. 

Mike, Male, 25

For me, a round of sex is complete when the guy cums and he’s not hard enough to continue. So ideally, a round should be between 5-10 minutes. But if I’m well-rested and there’s lubricant, omo, we die there o because then, a round lasts for 20 minutes or so.

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