1. So you’ve checked your account.

2. And after all your trying it has happened again!

3. You’re broke oh!

4. But now you are tired of crying and shouting, what are you going to do?

5. First you list out all your expenses and start cancelling out all the unnecessary ones.

6. Like that your expensive girlfriend…

7. And buying small chops and cake every day.

8. All your attempts at cost cutting have not yielded much!

9. And now everyone thinks you are rude.

10. Then your father asks you “what did you use your money for?”

11. You’re like:

12. Now you are researching mutual funds and investment opportunities, like:

13. Meanwhile everyone thinks you are now stingy and greedy because you no longer throw money around!

14. But your ARM Money Market Fund is starting to look better each month

15. And when your friends are complaining about being broke, you look at them like:

16. Because thanks to ARM, you are on your way to rich gang, and poverty is behind you.

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