1. When you get that first credit alert.

I’m now a bad guy!

2. When all the debit alerts enter and the money starts disappearing.

Na wa oh!

3. When your parents no longer dash you money anyhow.

But I am still in need now!

4. When your siblings start expecting you to buy them all sorts of things.

My friends you better get out!

5. When borrow-borrow family members think you are now an ATM.

You and who please? The Lord will provide for you.

6. When you start realising how valuable every single naira is.


7. When your friends start bringing their aso ebi.

“It’s not in my culture to buy aso ebi and I don’t want to offend the gods.”

8. When you start seeing “bank maintenance charge”.

What does that one mean?

9. When unexpected expenses come out of nowhere and reduce your salary to chicken change.

Lord help me!

10. When you realise you still have to pay taxes, insurance and pension contribution.



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