Planning to travel somewhere stress-free? We’ve got you! See Henley and Partners Visa Restrictions Report for detailed information.

1. Kenya

You can get a Kenyan visa on arrival for 90 days.

2. Maldives

Your visa on arrival for 30 days.

3. Barbados

Barbados is visa-free for 6 months.

4. Seychelles

You’ll only need a visitor’s permit that lasts for a month.

5. Tanzania

Breeze in and get your visa on arrival.

6. Mali

Mali is visa free.

7. Mauritius

Stay visa-free for 90 days.

8. Fiji

You can stay visa-free for up to 4 months.

9. Dominica

Stay without a visa in Dominica for 21 days.

10. Sierra Leone

No visa needed.

11. Federated States of Micronesia

Visa free, but only for 30 days.

12. Burundi

You get a 30-day visa on arrival.


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