Based on a true life story…

1) You, when you get a Z!koko job and you think your work is play.

Pashun! dream job!

2) When you now realize it’s not beans at all.

Who sent me? Follow your dream, follow your dream, now I don hang.

3) When you write a listicle and it has 50 comments.

Changes bio to content strategist. Digital media strategist. Content god.

4) When you write something you think is really boring and everyone loves it!

I heart you guys.

5) How you think of what to write every morning.

O God of inspiration, direct our noble cause.

6) When you think you’ve written something interesting and it has zero comments.

It do usually pain.

7) When one of the readers now say they don’t understand the rubbish you’ve written.

Pls dear.

8) When you see people cursing Zikoko writers.

“Zikoko, you people are mad.” “Zikoko, it’s you that’ll never find love.”

On top small civil play.

9) When one reader is now trying to do oversabi in comments section and Z!koko readers drag the person for you.

Look at God.

10) You, when you see your friends struggling to their office in suits.

Godspeed guys.

11) Every time you remember you have the best job ever, you’re like:



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