As we are all aware, the rainy season is here. And while we like how rain makes the weather cool for us, we have to admit Nigerian rain can be extra! Here are all the things you need to survive.

1. If you don’t have a big umbrella in this weather, you’re on your own.

Not all those small ones that can fly away with small wind o!

2. Nylon bag, or even sack sef for added protection.

To tie on your head when your umbrella is not having sense.

3. Original bathroom slippers is an absolute must.

To help the life of your loubs and nike shoes!

4. Canoe and paddle for all the times the rain is proving stubborn.

When the rain decides to turn everywhere into river.

5. Life jacket, for those of us that cannot swim.

If you cannot afford the canoe, kuku buy this one.

6. Forget lamp, lantern and kerosine is the way forward.

When NEPA will not even let you charge lamp nko?

7. Everybody needs a Sugar Parent

Because Sugar Daddy can send Range. Sugar mummy won’t even let you go anywhere

8. Okay, forget everything for a moment, see this Firewood?

That is what you need to become this season. “Weather for two” is a dangerous idea. Baby food is expensive. Be wise.



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