1. When you’re trying to enter a club but your baby face is blocking your joy

Is it now a crime to look like a baby girl?

2. When you now have to bribe the bouncers to let you in

Just take it and let me enter, abeg.

3. You, when you see hot babes walking in without wahala

What an insult! What a betray!

4. When you now finally enter, you’re like

One-in-town babe.

5. When annoying people won’t let you dance in peace and keep bringing their sweaty bodies to your side

Please, just gerrarahia.

6. You, when you thought the music couldn’t be louder but the DJ proves you wrong

Shebi you want to spoil my ear drums? Carry on.

7. When you ask for a drink and they call one ridiculous price

There’s water at home sha.

What’s clubbing in Nigeria really like?



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