See ehn, to set make plans is human, to not procrastinate those plans into oblivion is indeed divine. There is huge potential to excel at being a professional procrastinator in everybody and if you are one of the people that is always putting that potential to use, this list will hit you hard.

1. When you first get the task and the logical side of your brain tells you to get to work.

zikoko- Professional Procrastinator

You get a task and you immediately push it to the later folder because it will be done but it will be done later. Operating term here being “later”.

2. You keep postponing and extending deadlines. 

zikoko- Professional Procrastinator

You tell yourself you are waiting for the motivation to hit so you’ll do it well but who are we fooling? Will you find motivation in your sleep?

3. You see a post with very insightful tips on how to stop procrastinating and you save the post to read later.

zikoko- Professional Procrastinator

Because your village people obviously finished work on your matter.

5. You get scared of picking your calls because it might be a client calling to find out if you are done yet. 

zikoko- Professional Procrastinator

And you don’t have enough materials to properly shalaye at this time.

6. You when your clients finally catch up with you and you start manufacturing excuses detailing why you are not done with the work yet.

You could have spent the creativity

No one takes as much “well deserved” breaks like a procrastinator. You spend more time rewarding yourself for doing the work than actually doing the work.

If you could relate to everything on this list then don’t fight it, accept your status as a professional procrastinator. Then go back and read those procrastinating tips you saved for later.

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