From asking you about his Zodiac sign to monitoring your snap score, here are some ways you can tell your father is another person’s sugar daddy.

He starts trying to switch up his look

Your dad starts dressing different. He switches the kaftan for jeans and tees. Man even buys some of these altée shirts with weird captions. Remain small, he’ll start painting nails because his babe has said he dresses old fashioned. He wants to be hip with the crowd. 

He uses Gen Z slangs 

Imagine having a conversation with your father and he says, “But this isn’t giving.” Next thing you know you’ve fallen on your knees in chicken republic. Daddy Ope, what do you mean by it’s not giving? Ah. 

He now enjoys listening to music of this generation 

Your father is asking you if you’ve listened to the newest Asake and you’re not afraid? What happened to Tope Alabi and Don Moen? Wetin concern your papa with Fireboy? 

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He wants to get on more social media “platforms”

One day, you think your life is going great and you have a functional family. Next, your dad is telling you he wants to have a Snapchat account. You’ve lost him. 

He’s now using emojis correctly

Who is teaching him? 

He starts shopping where you shop

First of all, sir. How did you know what a 30-inch Brazilian buss down is? How do you know what a 360-degree closure is? Sir, why do we follow the same hair vendors on instagram!?! WHY DO YOU FOLLOW DAMMYB ON TWITTER?! 

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He starts caring about your mental health

The person he’s spending his money on has said they need mental health day. That’s how he now remembered he has children and they too have mental health. Sha take it as it comes and count your blessings. 

He now has a skincare routine 

One 20-something-year-old has introduced your dad to retinol and now his skin is skinning. At least you can steal from him for yourself. 

He knows Lagos and Abuja parties by name 

Friday night, you’re in your room watching TV. Your dad pops in to ask you when the Mainland Block Party ends. How does he know what that is? He’s telling you that South Socials isn’t happening this week, but YOU didn’t even know that.  

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