After you read this article, go and have a random conversation with a Gen Z person. Preferably if they’re a Twitter user. What you’ll see is that they’ll use at least seven of the words in this article. Do we know why? No.

But will it happen? Yes. 

1. “Like” (At least 100 times)

It’s like, Gen Zs just like, really like using the word “like”. Like, how can you like, talk about all your daily problems and like, challenges and stuff, without like saying, “like”. Get to the fucking point!

2. “Literally”

Gen Zs and being literal about everything is like Lai Mohammed and lying. You know it’s going to happen but you can’t do anything to stop it. You’ll be texting them ,and next thing you see,, “I’m like literally dying of laughter.” You know the crazy part? The whole time, their face is like this:

3. “I’m dead” or “dyingggg” or “dead!”

Speaking of dying, why are Gen Z’s always dying? Why? Do they know which angel is passing when they’re saying these things? What if it’s the angel of death?  May we not attract curses and untimely deaths to ourselves o. Hmm. 

4. “Toxic”

Everything bad, annoying, irritating, dangerous, wicked, abusive, etc, can be blended into one word for Gen Z’s — toxic. Do they overuse the word? Yes. Do they misuse the word? Yes. Should they expand their vocabulary? Please, yes! 

Did you hear it from me? Nope. 

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5. “Stan”

Eminem would be proud that the main character in his song about a toxic, abusive and murderous fanatic — who killed his pregnant girlfriend while throwing a tantrum about Eminem not responding to his letters —  has become a Gen Z phenomenon for liking someone/something. 

6. Bestie

When Gen Z’s started saying this, I didn’t think it would catch on, but now everyone is calling literally everyone“bestie”. 

Me: But we just met today.

Gen Z person: Oh bestie, please! 

7. “It’s giving…”

What is giving? Where did this come from? Who started it? I have so many questions. 

8. “And that’s on *insert literally anything*”

Gen Z’s will make a point, and to hammer their point home, they’ll say something random like, “And that’s on Shola Shobowale’s left knee. Purrrrr!” And then all the other Gen Z’s will start jumping and celebrating. Why?

9. “Ate”

No this is not the type of ate you think. “Ate” here is a compliment you give someone when they do something really good. It’s mostly used to compliment someone’s looks/dressing but you can use it in any situation. If you don’t have anything to say to a Gen Z, just walk up to them and say, “Bestie you ate,” and watch them have the best day of their life. What did you eat?

10. “Snapped”

Snapped is similar to “ate”. If someone snaps, it means they were excellent and the thing they set out to do. 

11. “Purrrr”

I can’t lie, I don’t know what this means. But they say it a whole damn lot. 

12. “Not gonna lie”

If it’s not that guilty conscience is chasing all of them, why are they all prefacing their sentences with a disclaimer. Hmm. May God save this generation.

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