No one is doing it like Asake right now and that’s on period. From TikTok videos to the club, you can’t escape Omo Ope’s music anywhere you go. But did you know that most of Asake’s lyrics also work when you’re fornicating? 

If you don’t believe me, continue reading so I can give you the tea. 

“I can’t shout. Mo ti yo o” — Omo Ope 

This is for when you’re tired, but the other person wants to continue. Remember that there is no prize for best in fornication, so as soon as you’ve reached your limit, pack your slippers and run! 

“Dem never see me coming” — Bandana 

This lyric works two ways. You can use it for when you give someone the kind of sex that has them shook, literally. Or you can also use this when your village people make you cum unexpectedly. Very versatile.  

“Ko sha ma rora” — Peace Be Unto You 

Ko sha ma rora means “take it easy” in English and it’s important you remember to say this when your partner is doing the most or ignoring foreplay. Even the Bible said the race is not to the swift, so please be calming down so everyone can enjoy this sex thing. 

“Come chop my bana” — Terminator 

We know he meant “banana” but maybe the babe started chopping mid-sentence and it was so sweet, he couldn’t complete the word. 

“I no like nonsense o ya ko bo ta” — Sungba 

O ya ko bo ta means “take it outside” in English and it’s by far one of my favourite Asake lyrics to use in the bedroom. This is perfect for when the fornication is mid or boring. If your lover is not putting enough effort into your sexy time, use this line and ask them to leave. If I’m going to sin, at least let me enjoy it. 

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“No sleeping, omo no dulling” — Palazzo 

This lyric is for millennials who grew up listening to music that spoke about having sex from 12 midnight to six in the morning. Their stamina is not for the weak, so if anybody tells you this thing, just know you’ve entered a sexual one chance. 

“Alayemi saare te button lo” — Peace Be Unto You

This lyric means: “My friend, quickly press the button” and honestly, as a career man myself, I get it. Why fornicate for an hour when you can wrap that shit up in 20 minutes and focus on making money. Use this line when your partner is taking too long in the bedroom. Time is money. 

“Sungba, sungbalajaja, sungba” — Sungba 

We already explained what “Sungba” means, so while you’re fornicating don’t forget to tell your partner to part their legs like the red sea.

“Emi ma gbe e dey be bi gokada” — Terminator 

This lyric loosely translates to “I will take you there like Gokada.” If you’re confident in your ability to make your partner cum, then say this. If not, please there are eight other lyrics on this list you can use. Don’t disgrace yourself. 

“No dey waste time; me I wan fire bazooka” — Sungba 

Honesty is how you get the job done. If you want to fornicate with someone, tell them from the beginning so both of you can get started as soon as possible. 

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