So, have you ever felt like you need to beat some people you work with? Well, if you were not sure which things are enough for a fight to happen, we are here for you. These are nine reasons why you should fight your coworker.

1) Meetings that could have been emails

Imagine sitting through a long ass meeting that you know very well could have been sent as an email? That is enough to declare war even. Especially if the meeting stopped you from doing all the things you had already planned for that week. Whatever that coworker sees, they should take it like that.

2) Texts after work hours

It’s as if some coworkers don’t understand the meaning of “office hours”. If they did, they won’t be sending you emails and texts at 10 pm in the night, or if they’re truly unhinged, 1 am in the morning. Tell them to pull up.

3) Their ridiculous deadlines

Some coworkers just give deadlines without factoring in if you have any other thing to do. So what if they need it by 2 pm today? Why are they telling you by 11 am? Tell them to ask their dad, please. If you have any coworkers that do this, Zikoko gives you permission to fight them.

4) Never responding to work messages on time

What makes it extra annoying is that they are the same people that if you don’t reply on time, they will pour water in hellfire and cause a commotion. These kinds of people need to actually get beaten. So, fight your coworker.

5) They order food without telling you

Imagine shouting in the office that you are hungry

and then your coworker has the audacity to order food without telling you. At this point, consider them your enemy and declare war.

6) If they make you come to the office when you don’t need to

Once they put semi in front of the remote work, wahala started. A lot of people don’t understand the concept of semi-remote work. If they start demanding your presence at work for no reason, then they clearly have a problem with you only a fight can settle.

7) Slack notifications make you anxious

When the sound of your slack notification makes you anxious because you are scared they are texting, then it is time to remind yourself this person is flesh and blood. The only way to do that is through violence.

8) Always dumping extra work on you

Anyone that gives you extra work without extra pay is the person your spiritual leader keeps warning you about. Don’t take the warning lightly o. While the spiritual leader handles the spiritual, you should tackle the physical.

9) They never inform you about office changes

If you have a coworker that never informs you when important changes are made in the office then you need to off shirt and face them, adult, to adult. The winner takes all, the loser faces shame.

The important thing is that you have to win this fight. Your reputation and ours cannot spoil like that. If you want to know more on what is inside this life, please click here



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